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SD14 凉菜拼盘
Cold Dish Platter - a selection of your favorite cold dishes of wagyu beef, scallop, duck, cucumber and broccoli salads.

SD20 西兰花夏威夷果凉拌带子
Dulcet scallops served with macadamia and broccoli, seasoned with lush macadamia oil.

SD01 清口鸭沙拉
Roast duck and citrus salad - selection of fresh baby cos lettuce, radish, mint leaves, orange and dried raspberry, dressed with a fruity citrus vinaigrette.

SD17 澳门迷你猪扒饱
Macanese style mini burgers filled with pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce and a sweet chilli mayo dressing. A must-have dish. (3 pieces)

SD08 鲜虾抄手清鸡汤
Prawn and pork wontons in a chicken soup. (6 pieces)
SD16 麻辣和牛片
Tataki wagyu beef with a Sichuan style spicy dressing.
(8 pieces)

SD19 香甜花椒茄子翠
Crispy honey eggplant with a hint of numbing sichuan pepper.

SD03 椒盐鲜鱿
Our own style of salt and pepper calamari with fried capers. An excellent dish with a Chinese beer.

SD07 原盅黄油鸡炖汤
Double cooked corn fed chicken soup. The double cooked method seals in and enhances the flavour of the chicken and soup.
$14.90 SD06 鲜虾豆花酸辣汤
Peppery hot and sour soup with prawns, shredded pork, wood ear mushroom, bamboo shoots and enoki mushrooms.

SD02 瓦片青瓜
Cucumber salad marinated in chilli oil, sesame oil and garlic.


CR02 芝士鲜菇饼
Flaky Chinese roti with cheese and mushrooms.

CR04 素脆手抓饼
Flaky plain Chinese roti.

CR06 北京烤鸭手抓饼
Shredded Peking duck with cucumber, hoisin sauce rolled inside a flaky Chinese roti.

CR07 孜然羊肉手抓饼
Shredded lamb with spicy cumin rolled inside a flaky Chinese roti.


MD03 XO酱香炒琵琶虾
Stir fried prawns with leek and housemade sambal sauce.

MD08 时令山东鱼排
Seasonal fish fillet fried in a light batter, served in Shan Dong style sauce. Garnised with a fragrant combination of coriander and juilienned leeks.

MD11 脆皮咕噜肉
‘Sweet and sour pork’ with balsamic vinegar. These lightly battered pork pieces are garnished with dashi, vinegar pickled radish. Takes an old favourite to the next level.
MD02 芥末大虾
Lightly battered king prawns served with wasabi mayonnaise and black tobiko.

MD07 辣味鸡肉生菜包
Modern san choy bao with chicken mince, chilli and basil in a cos lettuce parcel.
(4 lettuce cups per serve)

MD10 泰式牛尾煲
Ox tail slow cooked in a mix of Chinese herbs, then fried with lemon grass, eschalots, ginger, chilli, galangal, kaffir lime and basil leaves. Served in a sizzling hot pot. A fusion of Chinese and Thai flavours.

MD12 蜜椒蝴蝶骨
Black pepper pork ribs in a sticky honey glaze.

MD13 蒙古羊肋骨
Mongolian lamb riblets with wok-fried onions.
$23.90 MD01 避风塘软壳蟹
Typhoon shelter soft shell crab with fried shallots, crispy soy beans, garlic, chopped chillies and black beans.

MD04 招牌薄荷荔枝烤鸭 (半只)
Our most popular roast duck with lychees served in a light mint and chilli plum sauce
(half duck). Gluten Free option available.

MD05 宫保麻辣鸡
Wok fried chilli and numbing spicy chicken with cashew nuts. Spicy but very addictive.

MD06 台式三杯鸡
‘Three cup chicken’ cooked with equal parts soy sauce, wine and sesame oil. Served with ginger, garlic and a handful of basil leaves. $21.90 MD09 锅烧黑椒和牛粒 Flash fried, medium wagyu beef served in bite sizes with crushed black pepper and a black pepper dipping sauce. $28.90


V02 干煸肉粒四季豆
Wok fried green beans with finely minced pork and dried prawns. Gluten Free option available.

V04 中厨翡翠豆腐
Chef’s own housemade egg and spinach tofu lightly fried, topped with preserved vegetables and our special soy sauce. Gluten Free option available.

V06 金银蒜空心菜
Water spinach wok fried with fresh garlic and topped with fried garlic.

V03 干煸斋四季豆
Wok fried green beans. Gluten Free option available.

V05 椒盐菜香豆腐
Chef’s own housemade salt and pepper egg and spinach tofu.

V07 招牌虾酱空心菜
Water spinach wok fried with chilli prawn paste.

V08 金银蒜菠菜
English spinach wok fried with fresh garlic and topped with fried garlic.

V09 蚝油芥兰
Chinese broccoli blanched and served with vegetarian “oyster” sauce.